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The perfect event needs the perfect space. Pick from a variety of large and small spaces to suit the needs of your guests. With a spectrum of sophisticated and practical rooms, there's a space suited for every event.

Small Event Spaces

  • The Mountain Room

    Room Size: 17' x 17' | 287 sq. ft
    Occupancy Limit: 5 guests

    The Mountain Room is great for small meetings with a fantastic view of Morgantown.

    • A view of the courtyard

    • Houses a small alumni library featuring the Monticola yearbooks

    • Perfect for asmall meeting or private lunch

  • McCartney Conference Room

    Room Size: 26' x 17' | 442 sq. ft
    Occupancy Limit: 6 guests

    A classic boardroom perfect for smaller scale meetings.

    • One HD display with wireless screen sharing options

    • Conference phone

    • Apple TV

    • Built-in whiteboard

  • Vargo Wallace Executive Conference Room

    Room Size: 17' x 24' | 408 sq. ft
    Occupancy Limit: 6 guests

    A small conference room for private meetings.

    • One HD display with articulating mount

    • Conference phone

    • Drop down projector screen

  • Rawlings Alumni
    Privacy Room

    Room Size: 26' x 17' | 442 sq. ft.
    Occupancy Limit: 3 guests

    Perfect for a small intimate meeting. Tucked away in a quiet setting.

    • Conference phone

Medium and Large Event Spaces

  • The Kennedy Club Room

    Room Size: 46' x 43' | 1,978 sq. ft
    Occupancy Limit: 60 as is, 25 Theatre,
    20 Banquet

    For a sophisticated and elegant event space, the Kennedy Club Room will exceed expectation.

    • Full bar

    • WVU Memorabilia hall

    • One HD display

    • Wireless microphone available

    • Attached patio area

  • Ruby Grand Hall

    Room Size: 58' x 110' | 6,322 sq. ft
    Occupancy Limit: 300 Theatre,
    190 Banquet, 112 Classroom

    The Ruby Grand Hall, our largest room, is versatile enough to handle every event.

    • Can be separated into three salons

    • A variety of microphone options

    • Computer podium provided with laptop hook-up available

    • Retractable ceiling projectors

  • Nutting Gallery

    Room Size: 38' x 31' | 1,178 sq. ft
    Occupancy Limit: 27 as is, 20 Theatre,
    20 Banquet, 13 Classroom

    Featuring a rotating exhibit of local art, the Nutting Gallery provides a vibrant space for your event.

    • One HD display

    • Spacious room located on the ground floor

    • Great for a break-out space

    • Dynamic room that can accommodate nearly every event

    • Features traveling art galleries

  • Barnette Board of
    Governor's Room

    Room Size: 30' x 46' | 1,380 sq. ft
    Occupancy Limit: 50 as is, 42 Theatre,
    40 Banquet, 25 Classroom

    With state-of-the-art technology, the Barnette Board of Governor's Room is sure to impress for any event.

    • Can act as one or two rooms

    • Two 4K HD displays in each room

    • Audio and video conferencing available

    • Internal PC in each room

  • Charles F. Erickson
    Board Room

    Room Size: 44' x 24' | 1,056 sq. ft
    Occupancy Limit: 15 guests

    Our premier conference room provides an exceptional setting for large meetings.

    • Two HD displays

    • Wireless screen sharing

    • Table embedded microphones

    • USB and outlet power at each seat

    • Attached balcony space

  • Louis D. Corson
    Alma Mater Room

    Room Size: 31' x 39' | 1,209 sq. ft
    Occupancy Limit: 45 as is, 45 Theatre

    The perfect pre-event space for standing receptions and other special events.

    • SONOS speakers

    • Digital grand piano

    • HD display available for logos or slideshows

    • Bar and buffet location space

  • WVU Dean's Suite

    Room Size: 32' x 39' | 928 sq. ft
    Occupancy Limit: 12 as is, 15 Theatre, 
    14 Banquet

    The WVU Dean's Suite boasts plenty of natural light for a refreshing event experience.

    • Ceiling-mounted projector

    • Embedded speakers

    • In-room credenza

    • Laptop ready podium

  • Mountaineer Courtyard

    Space Size: 52' x 72' | 3,744 sq. ft
    Occupancy Limit: 175 as is, 175 Theatre, 
    60 Banquet

    Morgantown's premier outdoor space. Perfect for weddings, receptions, galas, concerts, picnics, and celebrations.

    • Fireplace

    • Plenty of space for larger events

    • Perfect space for tents or cocktail tables

    • Outlet power available

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